Getting the right nutrition and eating enough food can be difficult for seniors at any time of the year. Many seniors rely on family members or caregivers to provide meal prep and meals. During the colder months, this task can feel even more difficult. So when the cold season rolls around, many seniors find themselves living independently but also alone. For some aging people, buying food for meals and preparing them is too difficult a daily task, and their health declines as a result of several factors.

One of the greatest resources seniors living alone can benefit from are nonprofit meal delivery services. They provide a great relief for many seniors who would otherwise not get the nutrition that they need during the colder months of the year. Whether it’s through having meals delivered to them personally or through volunteering, there are different ways that seniors can participate in a nonprofit meal delivery service. If you are able to volunteer at a meal delivery service during the year, it comes as a great benefit to those who need the service.

To find an organization that delivers meals near you, visit the online directory Mealcall USA and search. This directory lists many organizations that provide home-delivered meals to seniors and those in need due to disabilities. Meals on Wheels is the oldest organization in the United States that provides meal assistance to people who are homebound, delivering warm nutritious meals to help those who need it most.


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