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Independent Living


Independent living refers to communities for senior-aged persons who are still capable of living without assistance. While they’re still typically active, seniors in these communities prefer the conveniences afforded by independent living, such as meal preparation, housekeeping services, and a wealth of opportunity for social interaction. Independent living communities are advantageous, since they provide older adults with as much freedom as they can shoulder, while still keeping certain forms of aid and services available should they ever need them.



Assisted Living


In assisted living communities, residents can still live a mostly independent lifestyle, but may have difficulty performs their activities of daily living. Because of that fact, assisted living communities offer their residents support – from meal preparation, to cleaning, laundry, dressing, and beyond. Assisted living provides residents with independence, but couples that with an ample amount of support to ensure their needs are met. At The Cottages, the highest degree of assisted living care is further enhanced by large amounts of community engagement and social activities.



Memory Care


While you will find memory care services at some assisted living communities, the two terms are not entire interchangeable. Specifically, memory care refers to the types of long-term care that are tailored to residents with cognitive and memory issues. These might include Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and similar conditions. Memory care provides those with memory issues around the clock, supervised care in an easy-to-navigate environment that is well-suited to individuals suffering from cognitive impairments. At The Cottages, memory care is complemented by a home-like environment and dedicated staff that possesses the high levels of compassion necessary to provide the best care possible.





Nursing Homes


Unlike assisted living communities, nursing homes generally lack the same home-like atmosphere. Furthermore, residents in nursing homes are more likely to have to share a room with another occupant, while those in assisted will, by-and-large, have access to their own apartment. This isn’t to say that nursing homes should be completely overlooked, mind you, as they are appropriate for situations where individual require more serious care form a complicated health condition.




Respite Care


Sometimes, primary caregivers need a break to recharge both physically and emotionally. This is where respite care comes into play, offering a short-term respite for caregivers. Professionally trained staff will assume a caregiver’s duties for a set period of time, and at The Cottages, you can customize this level of respite care to best suit your family’s needs.

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