Plant the seed


Instead of shoehorning the topic of assisted living into every conversation you might have with your loved one, exercise some judiciousness in starting the assisted living talk. If you wait for a moment that illustrates the need for your loved one to make a move (a fall, accident, etc.) you can segue in to the topic more naturally and with better results.


Be patient


There’s no need to insist upon talking about a move unless the need is there. Be patient, and when your loved on offers a suitable opportunity to start the conversation (by talking about being lonely or needing help), do so.



Highlight the benefits


Speaking of the upsides of assisted living, you should be sure to focus on those benefits and positive features, like the quality of daily life, whenever you’re talking about or touring a community.

Find assisted living communities to tour


Your conversation my go more smoothly if they can see what an assisted living community is like up close. Find a suitable location, like The Cottages, and schedule a tour to help get them acquainted.



Find references


It’ll be easier to talk about assisted living and the benefits if someone you know and trust personally has been through a similar scenario. Find a friend of your loved one who has made the move – it can help show them the upsides of assisted living.



Enlist family members’ help


Having a loved one make a move to assisted living can impact the whole family, so get your family together to create a supportive and open space to talk about that possibility. As a unit, the conversation might be much easier to have than one-on-one.

Want to learn more about how to have the tough conversation?


These tips should be enough to get you starts, and if you want to learn more about delving into the assisted living conversation and find the best community for your loved one, we encourage you to check out
How to Encourage Your Loved One to Make the Move to Assisted Living.



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