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The Cottage Difference

It is the little things that makes living at The Cottage feel cozy, comfortable, and familiar. It’s the wreath on the front door, rocking chairs on the front porch, the cozy common areas that encourage fellowship among residents, and most importantly it is a group of people who find meaning in caring for our seniors every day.

At the Cottage, it matters to us if Mom enjoys an ice cream every night or if Dad wants his bed made a certain way each morning. We understand each person’s care, needs, and preferences are different which is why we created our CareSteps program. This program allows us to provide the care needed along with the little things.

The first thing you notice when you visit The Cottage is that it does not look like any other senior housing community.  That is because when our founders were deciding how they would serve families with older loved ones, they did not want to follow the large, hotel like models of others. They wanted to create an environment that was as close as possible to the homes that our residents & families spent their lives in.

 Because the Cottage was designed as a home, there are no long hallways. Each apartment is just steps away from the dining room, Country Kitchen, and all of the common areas. The cozy size also speaks to the familiarity and relationships of our residents. Residents become family here at The Cottage.

Country Kitchen

One of our residents’ favorite areas of the Cottage is what we call our Country Kitchen. We love it too, because just like your home, it is the heart of the Cottage. The Country Kitchen is always buzzing with activities, friends, and fellowship.

The Country Kitchen is open to everyone and is always well stocked with snacks, drinks, and ice cream. (The great grandchildren love the ice cream!) Even our homemakers take their breaks in the Country Kitchen so they can sit and visit with our residents. In a lot of ways, The Cottage is our home too.

Pricing Options that Fit Your Family

We strive to give families as many options as we can to promote independence and choice for all of our residents. We do this with our care, and we have also set out to do this with our pricing options.

As you explore your options for assisted living, you will find that most communities only offer one pricing option for their residents. At The Cottage, we offer 2 different pricing models so you and your family can select the option that best fits your needs.

  1. CareSteps – The first option we have is our Caresteps pricing model. This structure uses our care levels as the basis for your monthly care expense, and it will adjust as your loved ones care needs increase, or decrease. For example, if your loved one moves to the Cottage after a rehab stay and is still having some issues getting around, they might move to the Cottage as a Carestep level 3. But as they continue to gain strength, their level might come down to a level 1 or 2. Under the Carestep pricing option, the price your family pays for care would go down with that decrease in Carestep.
  2. The second option we offer is our All Inclusive pricing. With this pricing option, you pay one flat rate for all of your care and ancillary services. So if you and your family would prefer a more fixed monthly statement, this option could be ideal for you.