Technological advances are constantly changing the way we look at senior care, especially in today’s high-tech environment. Startup companies play a huge part in pushing these positive changes along. A startup company is usually a small business that has been started in order to solve a specific problem or provide a specific need. Here are five startup companies that are currently benefiting seniors.

1. CareMessage

CareMessage uses mobile technology to reach groups of people who may be discharged from hospitals and have nowhere comfortable or safe to go, like low-income seniors. This company helps to make healthcare accessible and promotes better outcomes to a person’s overall health after a hospital stay. Learn more here.

2. Eligible

Eligible can help seniors prevent unexpected healthcare bills as well as keeping mistakes from appearing on those healthcare bills. Through this company’s efforts, seniors can better understand what they are paying for and know that they are paying only what they should. Learn more here.

3. Honor

Honor helps seniors to stay independent in their own homes. Their app offers everything from grocery deliveries, to medication reminders, to connections to transportation. Caregivers and loved ones can use the Honor app to keep better track of their senior loved one’s lives. Learn more here.

4. Papa

Papa is a social app that provides inter-generational friendships by connecting college students with seniors. Through this app, the college students can help seniors with general technological questions, housework, and provide friendship, socialization, and transportation to their senior buddies. Learn more here.

5. Renew

Renew offers information and advice to seniors who are thinking about retirement. With this company, seniors can figure out which retirement plan works best for them. Renew can help seniors figure out finances and health concerns so they can better plan their retirement years. Learn more here.


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