The Cottages COVID19 Response

Since the first confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID19) were reported earlier this year, The Cottages have been proactive in taking precautions to protect our residents and staff from this and other viruses. We have extended and enhanced our Flu season protocols and cancelled all scheduled community events and outings. Currently none of our communities have … Read more

You Are Never Too Old to Start a New Hobby

The phrase “I’m too old” should never be a part of your lexicon if you’re talking about starting a new hobby. In fact, staying active and maintaining hobbies later in life is linked to a host of benefits for seniors. In addition to providing more time to socialize (which on its own can prove quite … Read more

How Do Older Couples Benefit from Being in Assisted Living

One aspect of senior assisted living that many older couples wonder about is whether or not senior communities provide options that cater to couples living together, and what advantages there are to such an arrangement. As it turns out, there are, and today, we’re going to be highlighting the benefits older couples can enjoy from … Read more