How Do Older Couples Benefit from Being in Assisted Living

One aspect of senior assisted living that many older couples wonder about is whether or not senior communities provide options that cater to couples living together, and what advantages there are to such an arrangement. As it turns out, there are, and today, we’re going to be highlighting the benefits older couples can enjoy from assisted living, along with some tips on how to identify the right assisted living communities for couples.

How Couples Benefit from Living Together in Assisted Living

There’s one benefit of couples living that you might say stands head and shoulders above the rest: the ability to maintain the closeness of a loving relationship. While absence may, as the old saying goes, make the heart grow fonder, being able to stay together grants you all the support that comes from living with a partner. You’ll sleep better, for instance, and in addition, enjoy a host of other advantages, like a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes, lowered levels of stress, a decreased likelihood of engaging in any risky behaviors.

By living together, you’ll be able to stay connected. In turn, this will improve your happiness and overall quality of life. What’s more, assisted living offers you the opportunity to do so in a simplified environment that provides you both with the independence you need, but also offers assistance when it comes to any activities of daily living (ADL).

Even for couples who may need a bit more in terms of care, assisted living can prove to be a great option. As many assisted living communities can tailor their level of care to fit your personal preferences and adjust this level of care over time as your needs change. Assisted Living can make for a flexible choice if you’re looking for more of a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Finding Assisted Living Communities for Couples

In searching for assisted living communities, an essential step for any couple to make is a thorough assessment of their options. This means taking a look not only at the quality of their care services, but also the breadth of their activities and amenities as well.

The Cottages, for instance, provides ample, personalized options for assisted living in a home-like atmosphere that sets it apart from similar senior communities, then go even further by offering activities and amenities that further nourish your mind and body. These are part and parcel of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and something you should keep squarely in mind while weighing your options.

Speaking of which, you should also be sure to ask any communities you’re looking at how they can cater to couples’ personal preferences. Be it living quarters to accommodate two, or care options that will work with your ideal assisted living lifestyle, you’ll want to ensure that you are well taken care of, no matter where you decide to go.

As you can see, assisted living has a lot to offer for older couples. If you’re thinking it might be time for you to make a change, be sure to contact us today to see if the Cottages is the right fit for you or your loved one.