Are Smaller Communities the Future of Senior Independent Living?

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Having to tell your parent it’s time to move into assisted living can be a challenge enough as is. There are some reassuring facts that can help ease the burden, though.

There are an estimated 30,200 assisted living communities in the United States. More than half provide disease-specific programs for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions. More than 80% work with providers to offer depression screening. Near 50% have a depression program or offer counseling services.

Most comforting of all, however, is the typical size of AL communities. The average number of licensed beds is 33. Roughly 48% of facilities are on the smaller side (4-10 beds). This is no coincidence. Less is often more, and there are clear benefits to seniors living in smaller settings.

The Benefits of Smaller Senior Housing Communities

You might already have a good idea of the benefits downsizing holds for seniors.

Costs are a chief concern for many families searching for assisted living communities. Smaller communities go a long way in making their prices manageable. More astounding, though, is that they couple affordability with enhanced quality of life. The Washingtonian highlighted this obvious advantage in a 2017 article on the topic:

“A big draw is that residents have the freedom to live as they would in their own house, playing Scrabble, planting a garden, helping with household tasks, and choosing their own decor.”

Indeed, smaller housing encourages seniors to live in a more natural manner. They can mingle with old friends (and make new ones) at their leisure. They can spend quality “alone time” in their own spaces, engaging in normal day-to-day tasks. The senior assisted living experience revolves around “homey comforts,” and is further aided by that “less is more” mindset.

Because of the minimalist spaces, seniors will find many of their worries eliminated. Too much space can pose an issue for efficient movement. Smaller apartments, on the other hand, are both easier to navigate and less dangerous. Elders with limited mobility will find themselves expending less energy to get around. At the same time, small, uncluttered apartments pose fewer tripping hazards.

Beyond that, though, smaller studios present less of a maintenance challenge. There are no lawns to mow or gutters to clean. Inside, there’s less to organize. The limited space aids in this regard, decreasing the likelihood of accumulating a host of unnecessary items.

Downsized accommodations are a boon to nearly every aspect of senior life. Finding a community that takes the personal touches into account is key in maximizing the senior living experience.

Life at the Cottages

The Cottages places an emphasis on fostering independence. We respect our seniors’ individual needs and preferences — a fact reflected in our unique approach. The following are some of the ways we strive to improve our residents’ quality of life.

The Cottage Difference

The Cottage Experience

When you visit The Cottages, you’ll note that the atmosphere differs from other senior independent living communities. This is because we focus on the “community” aspect of the entire experience.

Instead of following the typical design of larger facilities, we decided to create an environment that feels more like home. That starts with designing each apartment like a home. Our spaces are smaller. Instead of long hallways to traverse, you’ll find easy access to the kitchen, dining room, and common areas.

Each aspect of The Cottages takes advantage of the benefits that cozy spaces provide. The small environment helps breed familiarity and fosters a sense of community. The result? Residents can blend into our family atmosphere with ease.

Apartments at the Cottages

Again, we take an individualistic approach to our various apartments. You’ll find different sizes and styles to match an array of needs and preferences.

At the same time, we’ve taken care to provide the essentials that senior living should offer. Each of our apartments comes equipped with a private bathroom, spacious closet, and emergency alert system. In addition, each apartment has access to cable TV and easy access to the outdoors.

You can visit our locations page and choose a Cottage near you. Click on the Floor Plans tab to learn more about the Floor Plans offered and you can design your Cottage home.

Custom Pricing Options

Through our CareSteps Program, we provide individualized care for our residents. You’ll work with our staff to determine your specific needs and devise a plan that will work for your loved ones.

Because of this, pricing at The Cottages scales to the level of care you require. This helps in keeping our services affordable while also ensuring that each resident is appropriately cared for.

The Cottage Country Kitchen

The Cottages’ Country Kitchen makes the experience like home, replete with friendly faces and fun activities. It’s the heart of The Cottages, stocked with delicious treats, drinks, and plenty of ice cream.

Cottage country kitchen

Dining at The Cottage

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a quality dining experience. Residents can enjoy three hearty meals a day, all made from scratch. We take care to pack in equal proportions of flavor and nutrition so our residents receive a well-balanced diet.

We hope this overview helped explained what life at The Cottages is all about. If you’re looking to learn more, please contact us so we can answer your questions as soon as possible. We are here for you.

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  1. You are spot on. There are several advantages for seniors to live comfortably in a smaller nursing home which can be easier for some aging adults who feel worried living in big houses. A cottage life can be vastly different from a well-known senior care facility. Family caregivers should make sure they choose the best nursing home for their senior loved one depending on their personal preferences.

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