Is a Daily Dose of Aspirin Right for Your Senior Mom?

We’ve long been told that a daily, low dose of aspirin can help to thin seniors’ blood and work toward preventing a heart attack. But is that advice true for every senior or just for those who have already suffered a heart attack or are at higher risk for heart attack?

Until recently, seniors who are in good health have been discouraged from taking aspirin daily. Experts have suggested that the practice is not necessary for a healthy individual. However, new research suggests that seniors who are in good health might actually benefit from taking a daily dose of aspirin.

In low doses, aspirin can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke in anyone who takes the medication, not just in folks who are at a higher risk. However, you still need to talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any new medication. Since aspirin is a blood thinner, those who do not have any known heart problems should know that taking even a low dose of it daily does carry the risk of serious bleeding.

So is it right for your senior loved one? If your loved one has already suffered a heart attack or is at risk for heart attack, their doctor will most likely prescribe a low dose of aspirin for them to take each day. If they are healthy and do not have a history of heart problems but still wants to try to protect their heart, have them ask their doctor about aspirin since the benefits and the risks outweigh each other differently in each patient.



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