Senior Living Done Right: Anne’s Story

Shortly after she fell in love with and married her husband, Anne Boehme moved to and fell in love with the south, where she has lived ever since.

Cottage Resident Interview

Following her husband’s passing, Anne eventually made the decision to transition to an assisted living environment, and her experience is one that perfectly illustrates the finer qualities of a quality senior community.

The following are just a few of the characteristics that have left a positive impression on Anne during her time living at The Cottages.

Personal Space Is Always Great

One of the first things Anne notes is how nice it is to have her own room and bathroom. It might seem like a small detail, but anyone who has ever had to do without that privacy knows how critical it is to overall well-being.

The Cottages provides residents with ample personal space in the form of its cozy apartments, with an atmosphere that’s as close to home as any assisted living community can get.

Country Cottage Russellville - Resident Bedroom

That space also makes it easy for residents to engage in their favorite hobbies during their private time.

It’s Important to Pursue Your Passions

In Anne’s case, having her own space gives her plenty of room for her own bookcase with plenty of books, supporting her insatiable desire to read:

“I love to read. So I have a good sized-bookcase with lots of books and my children give me gift certificates to Books-A-Million and all for my birthday and Christmas.”

Being able to engage in leisure and mental engagement is critical for older adults, and it’s not just activities like reading that The Cottages supports. The community encourages residents to take part in all manner of hobbies, designed to care for the mind, body, and spirit.

There’s Nothing Like a Well-Cooked Meal

In what she describes as a facet of The Cottages that’s “better than home,” Anne goes into loving detail about the kitchen. “I don’t have to cook and the meals are good,” Anne remarks, adding that if she needs a snack at any time, it’s well within reach.

Country Cottage Russellville - Dining Room

The importance of good cooking can’t be understated. Beyond simply providing sustenance, a tasty meal served with good company acts like food for the soul, nourishing that need for social interaction like few other things can.

Having Support Without Feeling Smothered

Anne makes no secret of the fact that she appreciates having the staff at The Cottages around when she needs them, but simultaneously enjoys the fact that they respect her freedom and independence:

“I hope I live here for a long time, because I still feel independent, but I know there are people there 24 hours a day that if I do need any special help, they’re there to do it.”

The fact that the staff is a friendly, caring bunch just adds to the experience, making life at The Cottages feel more like family than your typical assisted living community. The value of authentic kindness is something that cannot be overlooked.

Looking at Anne’s story, it’s clear that the subtle touches, those tiny details that may go overlooked at other communities, go a long way toward making The Cottages a sterling example of assisted living done right. We invite you to learn more about the services The Cottages provides, and keep these important factors in mind when making your choices on senior care.